Thank You Tinder

Am I seriously sitting in Ireland right drinking my cup of tea about to write about how Tinder has played a fine role in my travels thus far. Why yes, yes I am. I was always the person that shunned the idea of online dating, I was committed to meeting people the old fashion way. I still am but I really had to get with the times. A lot of the cool kids are actually doing it. My advice to the single travelers out there looking for a bit of a different adventure would be to swallow your damn pride and download the app.

Having the playful conversation is fun and nice but actually taking the next step to meet up for a date can be horribly daunting. Expectations are all over the place. Shit gets real when the words “where should I meet you?” are exchanged. My urge to make this entry came from an array of events that took place yesterday. I made a wonderful friend at the hostel I’m currently at and we got on talking about Tinder. She was in the great debate about whether or not to go meet up with one of her matches. I said do it, definitely do it. Worst case scenario would be the date ends, you never see him again and you have a new experience under your belt.  It could make for an awesome story. So I was there by her side, waiting with her and sharing the excitement of her soon to be date. 8:30pm hit and it was meet up time, I was living vicariously through her at this point. She left and I ran up to the kitchen window and got incredibly giddy watching them walk off into a Tinder daydream. I got even giddier when she messaged me an hour later inviting me out with them and another one of his friends. Their tinder date turned into the four of us drinking A LOT and hitting Killarney hard. If we had stopped drinking after the second pub we were even all going to climb a mountain together this morning. Unfortunately, there was no stopping after the second pub and we were in full party mode. I laughed my face off and danced myself sore. Thank you to my new friend for inviting me to join your Tinder date and thank you Tinder for exceeding all of my expectations.

I don’t always tag along on Tinder dates with people I’ve known for less than 24 hours, sometimes I have my own dates. A lovely lad offered to take me out to an old man pub for some beers to celebrate my arrival in Ireland. I admit, I was incredibly hesitant and it took a lot of self-convincing to actually go. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dublin there is a monument right in the heart of the city that basically looks like a big needle, I’m not positive about its significance other than providing an excellent meeting point. Pun a little bit intended. Off I went to the spire to anxiously await my mysterious tinder dates arrival. After about five minutes he showed up, or who I thought was him. I walked up to a guy also lingering around that genuinely looked like my date. “Peter?” “No?”. Jesus Christ, let’s make it a little more obvious that you’re going on a blind date Liv. I apologized and started laughing to myself, a lot. I’m cringing just thinking about it. Was this my life? Eventually, I did find the right guy and I had my first Irish Tinder date. We put back a few drinks at a quaint, and a little strange, old man bar. The bar was playing an extremely disturbing TV show of crime re-enactments and the crowd was a bit somber, we had a good laugh but still, strange. We ended up at a livelier, young people bar by the end of the night that refrained from distressing their customers. It was nice to have engaging conversation and explore something new. Although nothing major came from my date it was overall a lovely experience and gave me a smidge of hope in the Tinder world.

Then there are the tinder matches that remain only a distant memory in my app. I’ve actually got an overwhelming amount of suggestions from some kind lads regarding things to do, see and experience during my time in Ireland. It is incredibly resourceful. Give a few swipes during your time in Dublin and you won’t have trouble finding yourself a tour guide, could be an authentic Irish experience. Or, you could find yourself a fellow Canadian and talk about what you would do for a Tim Hortons over here.  I am happy to say, despite all of the negativity associated with Tinder, I put the judgement aside and tried it for myself.

Go on that date and push yourself out of your element. Have a new experience and keep an open mind. And who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone that is worth a second or third date.

And, am I the only one who thinks Super Liking is a bit pushy? Toots!






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