Okay, Bye February!

February was an absolute whirlwind. Creating a life here and securing a job in an environment that provides me with happiness has been incredibly challenging. I am still not one hundred percent there but I feel like I am on the right track. I’ve been putting off making this blog post because there is a lot to write and quite honestly, I don’t want to bore anyone? Whatever, if you are reading this then a big hug and thanks to you.

Lahinch was a week full of sunny days, runs on the beach, warming up by the fireplace, copious amounts of tea drinking and biscuit eating, and job searching. I was lucky enough to end up at the homiest Workaway spot, they treated me like gold there. I was spoiled with nightly communal dinners and a comfy bed to lay my head at night in return for a few hours of helping with the hostel work a week. I finally had the time and a beautiful environment to motivate me to put my running shoes on and exercise my body and mind. A tid bit of traveling advice here, if you are tight on money and have flexibility it is worth it to get involved with Workaway. From my experience and friends I’ve met on the roads experience, it is the ultimate money saver and memory maker. There is nothing better than a bit of consistency for a week or two. There are also tons of interesting volunteer positions to be filled. You can land yourself working and staying in an Irish Castle if you play your cards right. Hella cool.

And so, employment found me and I jumped on it quick. I got an answer about a live in B&B position. Isn’t it the dream to work and live in a quaint little guesthouse by the Irish Sea? Getting to be the face that greets people after a long day of traveling and give them a warm, happy place to stay. It still sounds like a nice dream. However, the side of it that I wasn’t anticipating was the sheer loneliness that came with the position. I lived in and worked from 8:00am until anywhere between 12:00pm -2:30pm and if I was lucky could fit a run in on the seaside and would have to be back at the B&B from 3:00pm-9:00pm to check the coming guests in. There were nights I had to wait until 2:00am to check in late guests. Basically, I didn’t have time to even see what the town had to offer or make friends. When I asked about having a night off every now and then it wasn’t entirely well received and there was no sure answer as to whether I would be able to leave. I had cabin fever. I could have rationed the constant work if the pay had measured up. But seeing as I was only being paid for part time work when the position took up 12 hours of my day, 7 days a week, I couldn’t fathom staying. I came to Ireland to create new friendships, have a steady work life and maintain a happy social life. I started cursing every sheet I put on a bed out of pure frustration. My anger wasn’t healthy. The only positive side to the whole experience was the drive that I had to go for long runs and escape the god forsaken place for an hour or two………………if I was lucky. Rage Against the Machine were often the soundtrack to my escapes and there were points I was just crying and running. The place was miserable man. The customers weren’t happy and as much as I tried to convert the space into a positive space it was a losing battle. I did not succeed. I spent a whooping nine days at that joint. I could go on about other contributing factors to the negative experience but I don’t want to. I’m on to better things now. Back to Dublin I went, with a few extra Euros in my pocket.

I was still applying for jobs in Dublin when I was working at the B&B and had to miss out on a few awesome job interviews because I didn’t have a day in my schedule that I could take the hour trip for an interview. YOU SEE MY DILEMMA? I decided to risk it to the biscuit and just head off. There were so many jobs on the horizon, job season is finally here! I found a job on the west coast in a beautiful, quaint little hostel and tea shop. I am absolutely thrilled to get out there. In the meantime I’m waiting in Dublin to get my paws on my PPS number that is in the mail. Once I get that, hopefully in a day or two, I will be on my merry way. I’ve just been taking in all the free live music I can while staying in Dublin. I’ve been a bit of a groupie following around a friend I met at the hostel to all of his open mic nights. He’s got a sweet style and the musical talent in Dublin is on fire. I’m going to head out to Killarney National Park before hitting my final destination, Tralee, this week. I figure I should get some hiking in before settling down and clear my mind. The ups and downs are still present, but I’m getting better at keeping the ups. I’ve just been doing what makes me happy, I had the urge to get a piercing today and a few hours later found myself with a needle through my nose. I showed up to this incredible tattoo shop/café/barbershop in the middle of Dublin and was good to go. This place was seriously one of the coolest places I’ve seen in Dublin. They were the definition of Swag. It’s worth it to just hop in and grab a coffee if you’re in the city. The Ink Factory, check it out, the staff was delightful.

I am going to put in an effort to keep my updates consistent from this point on. Thank you for reading this if you made it to this point. I appreciate people taking their time to hear about my life. I remember days that I would dream about fleeing and making it in another country. And I’m fucking doing it.




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