Finalizing Your Visa Ireland.

After a slew of being misinformed about what the rest of my visa process will be like upon arrival here, I have finally obtained my GNIB card (Garda National Immigration Bureau). Booya! Basically, immigration at the airport told me that I would have to complete these steps in this order: Register for a PPS Number, Open a bank account and then I could register with the Garda and get my GNIB card. The GNIB card is the one that allows you to legally work in Ireland, the one I really needed and wanted. When I went to get a PPS number they said I couldn’t get one until I had a job. Well, that’s a little silly I thought. How can I get a job without being allowed to get a job and etc. etc. etc. Basically I found you couldn’t do one thing without the other and it was impossible to wrap my head around. I decided I would just go to the Immigration Bureau in Dublin and see if I could get my card. SUCCESS. The only slight issue I had at the immigration office was my place of residence. You NEED this. Thankfully, I was recently staying with family about an hour outside of Dublin and had a written letter from them saying that I was staying there. The officer said that I wasn’t allowed to have an address outside of Dublin, it must be in Dublin, but I think he felt a little bad for me and registered me anyways and told me to change it when I find a place here. I’m still in need of a PPS number and opening a bank account but from what I’ve gathered I can find a job and then finish those. I’m going to give a simplified list of how to go about it now! I did it on me own, no SWAP!

  1. Find a place of residence in Dublin. Perhaps a friends house that will put you up or write a letter of accommodation for you. I’ve heard if you stay at a hostel for a little while, they will write you a letter of accommodation. When registering for the GNIB or PPS this information is crucial. I screwed mine up but was lucky enough to have a kind officer.

  2. Register at the Garda National Immigration Bureau, go on either Monday or Tuesday morning. Apparently those are the only days that they register Working Holidays. This next part is incredibly important. Get. There. Early. I got to the office at 7:45am and it opened at 8:00am, the line up was already down the street, around the corner and halfway down that street. If you go early, 6:00am I would say, it will save you hours in the long run. I got in the office around 8:30 and was issued number 118 in the queue. And bring a book or something, rookie mistake on my end. I was finally called up around 2:45 and was dancing out GNIB card in hand at 4:45pm.

  3. If you are planning on staying and working in Dublin I’d recommend booking an appointment for your PPS number as quickly as possible. Sometimes the earliest appointment might not be for 2 or 3 weeks. Even if you book it and don’t find a job by then you can cancel it. If you find a job outside of Dublin it is relatively simple, no appointment booking necessary. Just find the region that your PPS office is located in and go there. “You will need photo ID (passport / national ID card), proof of address – or a bill in the owner’s name with a letter signed by the owner stating you live there too and a letter on letter headed paper and/or stamped with VAT number etc of the company you are working for stating you are employed and need the PPS number for such.” This information is from the PPS office that registered me. Boom. All of that is extremely important to have but once it’s done, it’s done. Then you can open a bank account and YOU ARE READY TO LIVE LIFE AND WORK IN IRELAND.

So, may happy days be had by all and great luck on the job hunt. I’ve been spending countless hours scrolling through the following job sites:

And I have had quite a bit of luck. January and February are tough months for finding a job but spring shows a lot of hope. There are tons of new jobs everyday.

I hope that this will help someone who is thinking about making the move from Canada to Ireland. I love Ireland, what a feckin’ amazing country. I hope that other people get the opportunity to come out here and experience what I’m experiencing.


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