“If you force yourself to go outside, something wonderful always happens”

There is a post that Humans of New York posted a while back that has always stuck with me. He photographs a 93 year old woman named Mary that conveys the simplest message but I feel is one of the most important messages. She says “if you force yourself to go outside, something wonderful always happens”.

Relocating once again has been difficult, I know it has only been 12 hours but I feel that repetitive feeling of “why am I doing this?” and “it would be easier if I just went home”. As I laid in bed binge watching a bit of Netflix, stressing over finding work and making Ireland a livable situation I felt so overwhelmed that I didn’t want to leave bed. My sweet pal Carrie reminded me to breath in and out and to go make something to eat. After making dinner, meeting a few guests, eating and having my cup of tea I felt a bit rejuvenated. I decided to go out for a cigarette, sue me.

While having my cigarette and tea in the calm streets of Lahinch an older gentleman walked by and we exchanged hellos and how are yous. His name was James and he was born and raised in Lahinch, which is a population of 600. He was out on his nightly stroll. Once again the friendliness of the Irish is proven. James owns a fishing/bicycle rental shop on the main strip here. He wanted to know why I came Ireland and more specifically Lahinch. He asked about my Irish background and provided me with confidence that I will find a job here. By the end of the short conversation we shook hands and formally introduced ourselves. That small encounter today that took place simply because I went outside (and yes maybe not for the best reason) made my day and reduced my negative feelings about relocating again.

Lahinch is exactly what I’ve been searching for. It is a small surf town squished between the cliffs and the Atlantic, there is a calmness here that I could pick up as soon as I stepped off the bus. I’m hoping that this will be my final relocation and that work will find me soon.

Anyways, I think we should all think a little bit more like Mary.




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