Galway Girl

It’s funny when you are traveling without a set destination how quickly your plans will change. Staying in hostels you will never be friendless. I encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and just talk to the people around them. More often than not the other people in hostels are waiting to be your friend as well. Throughout the three weeks I’ve spent in Dublin I’ve only stumbled on a few Canadians until this past Wednesday. Some Canadian Gods were smiling down while 5 of us all happened to meet in the kitchen at Abrahams Hostel in Dublin the other night, which is a great hostel I highly recommend. Shockingly, all from different provinces. And ALAS! People that were doing Working Holidays in Ireland as well, for the same reason as me “why not Ireland?”. So after a little bit of chatting I found myself on a bus the following day to Galway with a fellow Canadian to look for work. It was a rough morning and bus journey thanks to the New Europe Pub Crawl from the night before. If you find yourself travelling in Europe and want to have fun, do this. It’s good craic. I love Canadians and am so happy to have found people on the same page as me.

Galway is wonderful. It is tiny, especially in comparison to Dublin. But, I must admit that it presents much more character in the small cobblestone streets than I saw in Dublin’s entirety. The buskers range from 8 year old boys to 80 year old men. The streets are colourful and full of life despite the damper, windier weather here. We walked into a bar around closing time last night and the big, intimidating looking bouncer hesitated about letting us in and said “I don’t have a watch on so just go in anyways”. I felt like it was my first proper Irish music bar. It was a quaint, bright little atmosphere and around 10 locals gathered around one of the bar tables and had a jam session. Accordions and bagpipes galore. I would love to settle here and if I get a job here that would be grand but I’m keeping my options open and will probably jump on the first opportunity I get. Being by the Atlantic Ocean and en route of the Wild Atlantic Way makes my heart happy. There is so much to explore and I can’t wait to see what the west of Ireland has to offer. Finding a job is feeling a tad stressful right now but I will make it work. In the meantime I am embracing my new found Canadian friendships and continuing to make new, interesting friends everyday. I am grateful, so grateful.

Oh and the fish and chips here are fresh.


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