In Redgrave Close

As my time in Newcastle sees an end I feel as if I have been able to grasp a good feel of life here. I am beyond thankful for my sister, her boyfriend and their pooch for providing me with a safe haven as I begin my Europe journey. It has been a pretty big period of relaxation for me, which isn’t exactly what I intended but it feels damn good. Besides all the late sleep ins, Shameless binge watching and board games, I have fallen in love with the city. It is a charming, buzzing little place but the people really make it worth the while. I had heard that Geordies were some of the kindest people and I can confirm that theory. Everyone has been so delightful, whether it was a cab driver or someone at the supermarket. I saw a lot of character in Newcastle, which was incredibly enhanced when our Sunday pint turned into a pub crawl. They know how to drink. I think they’re just prepping me for Ireland. One of my favourite parts of Newcastle is it’s close proximity to the North Sea. Rain or shine, it is nice to be by the open water and breathing in the ocean air. Newcastle has a lot to offer and though I haven’t seen all too much of England as of yet, it is my favourite part. Might be the company. Thank you to everyone who made my time here enjoyable and again, thank you to my hosts, Emily, Carl and Jack, I appreciate it beyond words. I’m gonna miss sweating from the spice of your dinners.

Goodbye England! You’ve been an absolute treat.


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